Curiosity, choice, creative expression, critical thinking, connection, respect, and real-world experiences are essential for learning. These are the keys we offer teens at Abot Tala, empowering them to develop their own learning plans and meaningful life skills based on their personal interests.  Abot Tala is a member of the Liberated Learners Network following the North Star Model of Self-Directed Education. For more information, visit &

Due to the community quarantine because of the global pandemic, Abot Tala currently serves its teens online via its virtual workspace on Slack. It serves as the teens’ virtual hub where they have channels (rooms) which they can access daily, 24/7, that are not just for their classes but also dedicated to their interests.

We have open enrollment all throughout the year.
We operate Mondays thru Fridays from 9:00 till 4:00 pm.
If you want to set up a meeting or visit, please email or call/text +63 915 2864494.

Members join self-directed learning centers for a variety of reasons. Some teens are passionate about learning and know exactly how they want to spend their time. Some teens experience anxiety & depression that intensifies in a conventional school setting, and some teens with their families want a natural learning environment rooted in mentorship.

There are no admission deadlines or tests to take! EXPLORE our website to see if we might be the right fit for you and your teen. Contact us to schedule a family meeting to see if our alternative is what your teen needs. Email us at or call +63 915 2864494 or fill up the contact form below.

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