Abot Tala High

If it’s not a school, not a homeschool provider, not an after-school program, not a homeschool co-op, what is it then?  What is Abot Tala High?

It’s a community specifically designed for non-traditional learners. Abot Tala High offers classes based on the teens’ interests and requests.

But unlike school, there are no grades, report cards, certificates.  Unlike the typical grade school and high school, you can choose the classes to attend based on your interest and curiosity.   Unlike school, there is no curriculum except the one you make yourself together with your mentor.

Now that we’re online, we have daily interest-led classes available from 9am-7:30 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

Abot Tala High is not a homeschool co-op,  nor is it a homeschool provider, but we do have a homeschool support partner, Gopala Learning Haven.

If we have clarified what we’re not, what are we then?  Three main things we offer:

  1. One-on-one mentorship
  2. Personalized learning through classes you choose
  3. Collaborative learning within a vibrant & supportive community

More about our classes:

Teens tell us what classes they want to have and mentors tell us what they want to teach.  It goes through a voting process so every 8 weeks, we come up with a rich and varied array of classes which include: 

Traditional Subjects Taught in a Non-Traditional Way: Math Gym, Daily Numbers, Chemistry, Physics, Science Literacy, Philippine History in the Context of World History, (H)Istorya

Practical Skills:  Cooking, Financial Literacy Circuit Building, Relationship 101, Grit for Life, Desktop Building, In Pursuit of Happiness, Self-Esteem, First Aid, Coding, Entrepreneurship, Penmanship, Safe and Sound Mental Health, Adulting 101, Home Alone Survival Guide, Pay It Forward (A Kindness and Compassion Class)

The Arts: Music, Art Appreciation, Visual Art Exploration, Basic Poetry, Creative Writing, Improvisation, Theater, Listening Class, Sketching and Drawing, Calligraphy, Photography, Digital Filmmaking, Painting, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Band Jam, Voice, Fiction Writing

Not Your Usual Class: Tea and the Word, Sign Language, Geek Culture, Pop Culture, Gameshow Hour, Creativity on Demand, Digizen, Crime and Ethics, Communication and Collaboration, 3D Printing, Brand Design and Marketing, Voice Acting, Podcast Making, Leather Sewing and Prop Making, Fencing, Lightsaber Training, Arnis, Yoga, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German, Kuwentuhan Tayo (Conversational Filipino), Filipino through OPM Songs, Dungeons and Dragons, Role Playing Game Maker

To view the upcoming program, check the schedule below and click here for more information.

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