Summer Program Classes

Don’t Panic by Dr. Kathleen Ann Modina-Angue
Classes will teach students how to recognize, anticipate and treat medical emergencies as well as common illnesses. Students will learn how to provide timely First Aid. They will also be empowered how to handle medical inquiries, be confident in interacting with doctors and in hospitals.

Don’t Die by Dr. Kathleen Ann Modina-Angue
These classes will provide students skills in Basic Life Support (BLS), based on American Heart Association guidelines. After this course students will be effective providers of adult and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Clinical ‘i’: Real Advice in the Age of Fake Information.
Dr. Kay Modina and Marthy Angue will discuss how to sift between useful and false scientific information in media. Does this drug really work? How do I know if this study is really true? Does Lemon water fix everything? Should I believe everything on the internet? These questions will be addressed head on in this class.

The Birds, Bees, and Honey Badgers by Dr. Kathleen Ann Modina-Angue
Dr. Modina will be teaching about the male and female reproductive system and how they change during puberty. Teens will learn how to recognize and anticipate these changes, and how to handle them without fear or embarassment. Girls especially will learn how to track and predict their ovulation and menstrual cycles. Sexual maturity and intercourse, consent, and contraception will also be tackled.

Decoding Happiness by Daniela Gonzalez
Class aimed at unpacking happiness in order to understand what science shows are its “active ingredients” (practical actions one can take) and why they make a difference. The goal is to teach teens a variety of strategies they may choose from and use at different times in order to lead a happier life, and thus contribute to creating a happier world.

Self-Esteem 101 by Daniela Gonzalez
Introductory class aimed at helping teens explore, understand, and value their authentic and unique selves and to teach them skills that will enable them to mature and move down their own paths with confidence, integrity and peace.

Styling Your Way Through the Teen Years by Telay Robles
A class on having fun with fashion & make-up without breaking the budget. Learn to play around with different styles while learning what’s apt for every life event. Oh, and you’ll learn how to make your own accessories too!

In Pursuit of Happiness by Owie Burns dela Cruz
A class that aims to encourage teens to take note of or discover whatever makes them happy or fulfilled (to keep them going in life). There’ll be discussions about family, love, their hobbies, stuff they love to watch or do, etc. The goal is to fill up each member’s happy tank, so in tough or confusing times, hopefully they’ll remember to get inspiration from whatever makes them happy.

Tea and the Word by Owie Burns dela Cruz
A class about faith and the Bible, presented in a way that is appealing to teens. We’ll have tea (any kind they want) as we have challenging yet inspiring discussions.

“50 Years from now, You’ll Thank Me for This” by Elizabeth Ong
Learn the basics of budgeting, saving, and investing. You’re never too young to start learning how to make your money grow, not so much for you to become a zillionaire before you’re 30 but for that peace of mind when you pass the age of 30, 40, 50…

Math Gym by Ericho Fuentes
Activities meant to enhance learners’ appreciation, understanding and subconscious skills in math, as well as to overcome math learning obstacles they may have

Daily Numbers by Ericho Fuentes
Practical applications of math in business, culinary arts, actuary, measurement and science

Fact, Fiction or Both? A Survey of Science Fiction Media and Literature by Ericho Fuentes
Film showing of selected clips from SciFi movies and shows followed by a moderated discussion. One central theme/topic will be set for each session (e.g. energy, nature, climate change, vaccination, food science, etc.)

So You Want To…..? by Elizabeth Ong
Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or create like write a graphic novel, develop an app, organize a workshop, or whatever but don’t know where the starting line is? Well, this course is for you as we simulate the real-world intricacies involved in developing and shaping your dream project with the help of mentors and practitioners. In addition, you get to hone the following skills in just one go: your presentation, public speaking, persuasive, and selling skills!

Communication & Collaboration by Owie Burns dela Cruz
This is a projects and presentation class that aims to encourage members to work within different group settings. They’ll be working on lots of out-of-the-box projects that they’ll help conceptualize based on their interests.

Film Photography 101 by Nate Punzalan
History of photography, types of cameras, types of film, how to shoot film today, principles of photography, developing your film by hand

Film Appreciation Class (featuring movies that came out before they were probably born) by Ida Torres
This class would teach the basics of what to look out for when watching movies and how to develop critical thinking towards movies that we consume

Reading Non-Canon / Alternative Literature by Ida Torres
A reading and literature class that explores books that are not part of the canon top 100 literary works that are taught in traditional schools

Basic Poetry Techniques and/or Poetry Appreciation by Michellan Alagao
A primer on some poetry techniques. Students will work on activities and write their own poems (e.g. blackout poetry, found poetry).

Geeking Out 101 by Marthy Angue
How geeky passion and nerdy knowledge are keys to the new global economy

Creativity on Command by Diane Gabriel
How to find creativity when you need it and a guide to Harrison’s 5-step process in creating big ideas

Creative Journaling for those who don’t think they’re creative by Ida Torres
Basics of journaling and benefits of developing the habit while they’re still young even if they’re not the creative type (writer, artist)

Spanish for Survival by Daniela Gonzalez
Introductory Spanish class aimed at teaching teens the essentials for survival in a Spanish-speaking country: how to find a bathroom, order food, navigate public transportation, ask for directions, establish basic conversations with strangers, etc.

Beyond Florante at Laura: Finding Yourself in Phil Literature by John Iremil Teodoro Philippine Literature is a big and beautiful world beyond Tagalog or English writings by Filipinos. It is multilingual and multicultural. Discover your roots—whether indigenous, regional, or in diaspora—by reading contemporary writings from within or outside the Philippine archipelago.

Everything is a Cinematic Universe and So Are You by Marthy Angue
Pop Culture and Art History

Fantastic Beasts and Why they Matter by Marthy Angue
Pop Culture and the History of Ideas

The One Hour Museum by Marthy Angue
Art History as World History

Visual Art Exploration by Maggie Yoingco
An inquiry into how an artist’s creative process leads to self-discovery. Students will be invited to observe and respond to works of art and appreciate artists’ unique ways of seeing the world. In the process of creating their own art using a variety of tools and materials, students will document their ideas, experiments, questions, discoveries, and reflections in the form of a journal.

Sketching & Drawing by Niño Hernandez
Learn the fundamentals of drawing using graphite or pencil rendering from basic shapes, still life, figures.

Painting by Niño Hernandez
Watercolor on paper, acrylic on paper or canvas. Whether it’s still life, landscape, figure. Learn painting from the basic to intermediate level.

Board Game class by Abraham Tan
Learning from board games and more

Uke Can Do It! by Ericho Fuentes
Ukulele class

The Listening Class by Rommel dela Cruz
A music appreciation class via discovering and listening to different albums and artists on Spotify. Class is facilitated by a songwriter and professional musician.

Letra at Musika by Owie Burns dela Cruz
Learning conversational Filipino through songs by famous Filipino alternative & pop bands

What’s Up? by Owie Burns dela Cruz
A current events class discussing what’s going on around the world

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